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The Iliso Care Society, a non-governmental organization under the leadership of  Mrs Vivian Zilo organized  a local career expo in Khayelitsha. The event took place at the Intlanganiso High School Hall, Khayelishta Site C on the 20th March 2017. The career expo creates a platform to learners that seek recruitment opportunities, learner-ships, bursaries, career paths info and tuition. The main outcome was to address the local demand and the supply on skills development which are not balanced, career awareness, internship opportunities, bursaries and tuition. Among the attendees, there were grade 11 and grade 12 students  from Zola Business School, Manyano High School, Harry Gwala High School and Bulumko High School.

The exhibitors such as local businesses, government parastatals and training colleges were invited to participate with the local community also present in numbers to support the event. Some of the exhibitors that heeded the call were Silulo Ulutho Technologies, University of Western Cape, Services SETA and the University of Cape Town.

For the corporate company the event provides a place where hundreds of learners can be reached and corporate company’s vacancies, bursaries and learner-ships can be accessed. Academic Institutions also gained from the expo as they disseminated brochures and speeches on how to enroll for tuition, enrolment closing dates, subjects, grades and other criteria needed for enrolment.

The attendees got excited when Silulo Ulutho Technology unpacked how it has been at the forefront of uplifting and developing the community through its computer training courses, the internet cafes that are used as resource centres for information on what career paths to follow, how to apply for tuition online, job placement opportunities and how it is reinventing the ways of doing business in the township.

A distinctive number of SMME’s were overwhelmed about the new Silulo Ulutho Technology platform which enables them to improve their business efficiency. These services include new company registration, tax clearance and BEE certificates, submission of tax returns, financial statements, management of accounts and other amenities which can all be accessed in a one stop shop SMME shop

Different academic and vocational industry thought leaders further explained the importance of education and how it can be used as a tool to decolonize the mindset of the students and how they can use it to inspire them to change their living conditions. Through a unique and cinematic gripping speech, Advocate Sibanda, a motivational speaker emphatically stated that the students should not to cry for an Africa that is not, but an Africa they desire.

The  local schools that participated at the Career expo came with a lot of expectations and the overall feedback was satisfying. The teachers were impressed and many said that it was the first time for them to actually professionally have their learners assessed. 


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