Building a sustainable South Africa through entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Business Network Breakfast (EBNB) is the brainchild of Silulo Ulutho Foundation, a non profit organisation focusing on developing and empowering small to medium enterprises, startup companies, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs through outreach programmes and initiatives.

5.4 million South Africans's are unemployed*. Entrepreneurs and small businesses have the potential to recast this stark reality. According to statistics South Africa, small businesses currently contribute nearly 50% to our gross domestic product and offer more than 50% of employment opportunities. We can't rely on government projects to do this alone, SiluloUlutho Foundation has recognised the need to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, hence we have launched the series of entrepreneurship business network breakfasts that will be hosted around the country.


The plattform that we are creating consists of industry role players each playing a unique role in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. The EBNB will inspire authentic tales from the trenches and leave you inspired to start something (your own business). Tactical, hands on training will be heard from industry experts at our breakfast.

To attend the first instalment of EBNB please book your ticket online or RSVP by email or call 071 099 7901. The event will take place at the Isivivane Centre in Khayelitsha on the 24th of June.


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