August 10, 2017 Nathi

What do cashiers do and what qualifications do they have?

Cashiers work in a variety of places including supermarkets, retail stores, gas stations, movie theaters and restaurants. As a cashier you’ll probably use a cash register to ring people up, take their money and give them their change and a receipt. You might also have to wrap or bag their purchase. Cashiers sometimes handle returns and exchanges.

At the end of a shift, you’ll have to count the money in your cash register and compare it with the sales data in the computer. Be careful with your money – although you probably won’t get in trouble for occasionally being a few cents short, you could get fired if it happens too often.

Depending on where you work, you might have other responsibilities as well. If you’re a cashier at a supermarket, you might be asked to clean your area as well as return unwanted items to shelves. If you work at a convenience store, you might have to create money orders and sell lottery tickets.

Almost half of all cashiers work part time. Most cashiers are asked to work weekends, evenings and holidays.

What are the education requirements?

Most cashiers have a grade 12 qualification, some have got National Diplomas and Degrees or equivalent but because of job scarcity they ended up being cashiers. In layman’s terms this simply means there are higher job opportunities for cashiers ( Retail) unlike if you were in another sector.  No higher education is required to be a cashier, but taking up a short course  or getting your associate’s degree can help you if you eventually want to be a manager.

Career paths for cashiers

Cashier career paths can vary. If you’ve started out in a part-time position learning all you can about the business and practicing good customer service can lead to a full-time position. After that, hard work can lead to opportunities as a head cashier, or even as a manager

How much do cashiers make?

A Cashier earns an average salary of R42,062 per year. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 10 years’ experience in this field. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Banking and Customer Service Metrics.



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