From being a security guard to working as a clerk – Nkazimlo Magwaza

Dear Future Silulo Student

Firstly, I am a Unitra social science graduate and you must be wondering why did I enrol with Silulo Ulutho Technologies to study the End User Computer Course. The fact of the matter is not all graduates know how to use a computer. In varsity during my period we never had a computer course as a module in my degree, so I struggled to type assignments and to do research nevertheless I graduated. After graduation I did what was expected of me, moved to Cape Town to search for a job as a social worker, my family was happy to see me live as they knew that ubhuti uyosebenza.

To my surprise, I got in Cape Town and spent most of my days at a Silulo internet café in Phillipi, typing my cv, looking for jobs online and ignoring most phone calls from my sisters who were asking for money thinking ndiyaphange kuba ndise Kapa. Apparently, I was aiming too high in my job applications as they proved to be fruitless then I decided to apply for a security officer job and luckily I got the post. Tjoo being a security officer is hard, try to think of sleeping with your boots on and sleeping with your boots on literally. My job was to patrol around the beach at night, sometimes I would ask myself who would steal sea water and the beautiful scenery. The answer to that question made me quit my job as it was not fulfilling and I was a earning a penny. Read more

20 Steps to finding a new job

 Getting a  Job or Changing  a career is never easy, but it helps if you know where to start, who to target and how to succeed getting it.  We asked around for  expert advice on this issue and compiled the 20 Steps of How To Find a New Job or A  Job. Below is a list of things you need to do step by step.

Make the first move. 1 Identify a new direction. “Create a list of career options you think you’d really enjoy, not just the ones you think you can do. Don’t limit your thinking at this stage. If you really want to start your own business, put that on you list. Then research how others changed into these careers.

2 Think about things you’re good at. “Jobseekers who ask, ‘What can I do with my qualifications/experience?’ have it backwards,” says Tanya de Grunwald, founder of “A good job search should start with you, not your CV. Are you an ideas person? Do you have the gift of the gab? Are you good at explaining things to others? Most of us don’t think of ourselves as ‘talented’ – but look closer and you’ll find something to guide you towards the sort of jobs you’ll most enjoy.”

3 … then think about the skills you have picked up Read more


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