How to register and enroll for 2018

Silulo Ulutho Technologies has opened up registrations for 2018 to allow all applicants to apply and register in time before the 25th January 2018 Deadline. It is imperative that all applicants register in time to avoid disappointments as space is limited, surely you’d want to avoid a situation where you have to attend at a branch which is far from where you reside due to space unavailability at your closest branch.

Should you be interested to register with us, please make note that the minimum requirements to register at Silulo Ulutho Technologies is Grade 10, ID copy or Passport and the R500 registration fee proof of payment. It is quite important that you are at-least sure of your free available time to attend classes, our classes run five times a week and two hours a day. We also have weekend classes starting at 8:00am till 13:00pm every Saturdays and shift classes that occur once a week for a full day at the days that you are off from work. Please be aware that the shift classes are available at selected branches.  Read more

Which one is greater?- The benefits or damages the internet has done to our society

It is an early morning in Cape Town, the traffic jam along Landsdwone road one of Khayelitsha’s main feeder roads, stretches for kilometres as (taxis), buses and cars try to make their way into the central district where they can gainaccess to shopping centers, hospitals, municipal and government premises. I am sitting at the back of a taxi from Gugulethu to Khayelitsha and we just drove into Site C when an elderly woman signals the taxi to stop, as she was going to Khayelitsha Mall. Minutes after she got in the taxi her cellphone started ringing with the most annoying ringtone, she answers “hello nguMmacirha lo uthethayo” in venac. On the other side it is a local’s school’s principal calling her to a meeting at school urgently as her daughter was caught yesterday watching a disturbing adult video in class whilst they were attending an English revision class for the final matric exams.

Don’t ask me how I knew this because I was eavesdropping due to that terrible ring tone. Once she had welcomed the invitation, she started talking to the teenager who happened to be sitting next to her about the dangers that came with the technology and the internet, that in their time they did not have the luxury to access the internet and as a result they were not ill disciplined. This brings me to the topic of what are the benefits and disadvantages of technology and internet connectivity in our “society” Read more


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