November 17, 2017 Nathi

Ten advantages of registering now for 2018!

Have you ever thought why it is necessary to register now and what are the advantages of registering now for 2018. Well, we sat down and drafted you reasons and advantages of what you will benefit if you register

1. Due to limited seats for our classes you need to register now so you can claim your seat
2. Avoid attending classes from a branch that is further away from where you reside
3. Save money that you would have to use if you have to attend from a branch that is far away because of the branch that is close to you is full
4. You will have the liberty to choose the time slots for you to attend
5. Should you register now you would have saved up to R500 that you were going to use during the festive shopping season

6. Get a chance to familiarize yourself with our  institution
7. You have enough time to ask about our teaching methodology and payment methods before the courses start in Jan
8.Have an opportunity to be featured in our monthly newsletter and social media
9. You will not be affected by any course price increase that may arise in 2018
10. You have the liberty to register the course of your choice
Please contact us on 021 948 2107 or visit our social media page for more information on how to register.


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