Silulo Ulutho Technologies brings KGA Life services to your doorstep


Silulo Ulutho Technologies is very proud to announce the launch of our partnership with KGA Life. Through this partnership we aim to jointly enhance the accessibility of essential financial products and services through SUT’s trusted and extensive branch network. This partnership will initiate through KGA Life policies being sold and serviced via Silulo Ulutho’s flagship store in Makhaza Khayelitsha. KGA is excited to align itself with a brand like SUT which shares many of the same core values that KGA Life stands for. In particular, both brands share a vision of providing more than just a product, but of being an influencer of positive change in our communities and uplifting society as a whole.

 SUT has a proven track record in bridging the gap in providing access to technology, skills development and encouraging skills transfer as well as employment where people are hungry for these opportunities and often in locations where these much needed services were often not previously available.

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