Start a career in A+ Technical Support Specialist . The A+ Technical Support Specialist program opens doors to an exciting career in computer technology. Not everyone is a computer guru, and with millions of computers sold every year it is important that trained professionals are available to help users in their times of need. With our A+ Technical Support Specialist program, time after time, you’ll be that special person who saves the day. It’s all in a day’s work.



Identify Principles of Personal Computer Storage, Identifying Motherboards, Working with Power Supplies, Cooling Methods, Display Devices, Input and Peripheral Devices, Principles of Laptops and Portable Devices, Installation and Configuration of Printers

Troubleshooting, Repair, and Maintenance

The basics of Troubleshooting, Common Symptoms and Causes, Common Printer Problems, Common Laptop Issues, Performing Preventive Maintenance

Operating Systems and Software

User Interfaces, Operating System Features, Configuring Windows, Identifying Boot Sequences

Operating Systems

Commands for Troubleshooting, Windows Directory Structures, System Utilities and Tools, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting,


Client-Side Connectivity Issues Installing and Configuring a SOHO Network


Viruses and Malware Security and Troubleshooting

Tuition Fee:R5000

Registration Fee: R500

Duration:6 Months

Payment Terms: R1000 deposit before classes start and a R700 monthly installment for 4 months

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