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Building an Enabling Environment for Inclusive Digital Transformation

Economic opportunities

for career seekers, and aspirational business owners/ entrepreneurs.


by bridging the gap of unequal education opportunities.

Digital connectedness

Affordable internet access to those who need it the most, including other digital services.

Our Business & Career Centre Services

Who We Are

Silulo Ulutho Technologies’ one-stop career and business centre provide all the technology, tools, services, and support to bridge the digital divide We address socioeconomic inequalities in rural communities and townships such as unemployment, poverty, and inequality. The impact we make is enabled by providing accessible infrastructure, a support network and skills development through our community-centered career and business centres. We address the unemployment of individuals in the community by partnering with educational institutions to upskill and empower them with the necessary skills required for employment. We work closely with government institutions, companies with call-centres, retailers, and corporates seeking youth, temporary or permanent employment. To create employment opportunities for the youth and individuals within these organisations. Entrepreneurship is important to stimulate economic growth (especially within emerging economies to create jobs, promote social change and generate prosperity). At Silulo we address poverty by assisting and enabling aspiring entrepreneurs, providing access to enabling infrastructure and support services to help bridge the digital divide. Our established relationships with local and originating universities afford us the opportunity to offer Entrepreneurship courses, to equip aspiring entrepreneurs. Silulo tackles inequality by providing digital connectivity and support needed for the operation of our society (individuals and entrepreneurs) to stimulate growth and social upliftment within emerging economies to ensure digital economic inclusion. We partner with providers who create skills development content to educate individuals within our communities with the required skill for job creation, career advancement and more. In addition, we partner with companies to seek job placement opportunities for our students.

We have 43 Branches throughout the Eastern Cape, Western Cape & Kwazulu Natal
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