Luzuko’s journey started out at the University of the Western Cape where he is studying languages. He wanted to work as a computer lab assistant or receptionist at Vukani Primary school as he loves computers however, he was not qualified. Even though he had completed a computer module at UWC he could not prove it and thus he ended up being a Teacher’s Assistant for grade 7 Mathematics. He then enquired at Silulo’s offices as he was interested in Office Administration, and he learned he could not do it without completing Computer Literacy first. Considering both the benefits of these courses and his financial situation, Luzuko concluded he would register for Computer Literacy.

He registered for the January 2022 intake, and while at Silulo he had a great experience. Luzuko credits his teacher Songezo, for his outstanding support and his ability to treat his students equally. He had no academic challenges as he had a computer background however, loadshedding would delay them. Personal challenges included time management, as a UWC full-time student, Silulo courses and not being able to quit his job as he needed the money to pay for his Silulo course.

After completing Computer Literacy, Luzuko received a top student bursary to do Office administration even after completing the Office administration course, he received another top student bursary to do Business Administration, courtesy of Silulo Ulutho. He intends on volunteering as a receptionist at the community Library or at Vukani Primary School. He dreams of working in the field of Communication as an interpreter.

Changing lives one qualification at a time, Silulo Ulutho Training.

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