Hailing from the Limpopo province, Benny has a colourful background of working in the Radio industry as a Presenter. He also worked as a Language (Home language and English) facilitator at a private institution. These set him up with great communication and marketing skills.

Benny shares that he moved to the Western Cape during the peak of COVID-19 in 2020, this was a big step for him as he was concerned about contracting the virus. He also notes, that getting a job during a season in which people were getting retrenched was indeed a blessing and a privilege.

Upon joining Silulo Ulutho, he shares that his greatest challenge was the language barrier between him and the Xhosa speaking students of the Khayelitsha area. As a Xitsonga native speaker, he struggled simplifying terms and steps for his students as they could not understand each other and thus, he adopted English as the medium of instruction for his classes.

 Benny shares that working for a company that compliments and sees your effort, allows one to grow as a professional. He notes the support and trust placed in him by Silulo Ulutho as being a major contributor to him rising from facilitator to Senior facilitator. If he is not changing students’ lives, he is advancing his co-workers as he truly is a great teacher.

He sees the future as being “so bright” and long as he intends on continuing to teach people and watch them get hired and their lives improve. Lastly, working with students has taught him to be bold and resilient.

Changing lives one qualification at a time, Silulo Ulutho training.

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