• Pursue a Short courses

With a specific area of interest, you can select a short course to better up-skill yourself and introduce you to your industry of choice. Short courses can range from as little as 2 weeks to 6 months. Silulo Ulutho Technologies offers a range of courses from Computer Literacy all the way to Business Administration.

  • Pursue University

The Golden choice as by our parents has always been going to university and becoming one of the top 5 careers that are parent approved. Thus, one of the top options to consider after matric is going to university. Known for improving one’s networking skills, presentation skills and providing theoretical knowledge on preferred subjects it is a good option to consider.

  • Apply for learnerships

Learnerships are set up in a manner that allows individuals to garner relevant working experience while also gaining a qualification or recognition required to expose one to more opportunities in the area.

  • Go job-hunting and get a job

A great option for individuals who are not interested in more education after 12 whole years is to immediately apply for jobs and start working in their preferred industry and role. Working straight from high school allows you to garner a lot of experience by the time you decide which area or expertise you want to specialize in.

  • Take a gap and use the time for self-discovery

Least favourable option is to take a gap year, this refers to the year right after high school wherein one takes time to figure out their next move. A gap year allows individual enough space and time for self-discovery, from areas they are interested in all the way to courses that would lead to the highest earnings.

  • Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way of acquiring work experience in various industries. This would allow you to learn what it is like working either for your favourite brand or industry of choice and later allowing you to grow in the space with all the required connections.

  • Start a business

If you have entrepreneurship in your blood, then this last option is for you. Provide a service or product that you see a gap in the market for. This gives you the freedom of working your own hours, paying your own salary and being your own boss.

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