Bright student wants to grow out of the hood.

Analo Ntliziywana, 20 years old and a Computer Literacy student, brightened our day in Isivivana, here’s what she shared with us.

A recent matriculant and currently upgrading her school leaving marks Analo decided to pursue the Computer Literacy course and upskill herself. She shared with us how she lives just 15 minutes away from the centre she is currently studying at and that she is using this opportunity to both find herself and cement her desire to grow. With her greatest dream being to practice law, Analo shares that this Computer Literacy course is but one of the many steps she will take to grow out of the hood.

When asked about her experience at Silulo, she shared that it has been “amazing”. She enjoys meeting new people, keeping occupied and most importantly learning new things. She also shared that having a “nice and funny” facilitator and helpful classmates has made this experience great for her.

Analo’s greatest goal is to make her late mother proud and to produce nothing but excellent outcomes at Silulo, she even has her eyes on the Top student bursary at the end of her course!

“Dedicated to the eradication of the digital divide in our communities” ~Silulo Ulutho Technologies.

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