Doing it for her kids, from Silulo Ulutho employee to graduate.

“Ndiya funa uba nento ebetere in future” -Nokthula Mqhakayi, 2022.

Graduate Nokuthula Mqhakayi, 35 years old received her Computer literacy qualification on the 2nd of December at the Phillipi Village graduation ceremony.

A single mother of 3, she shares her tumultuous work journey before reaching Silulo Ulutho. Before Silulo, Nokthula had completed grade 10 and worked local programmes like EPWP which lasted from 6 months to a year only. Upon her permanent employment at Silulo Ulutho Technologies as a cleaner, Thuli recognized the opportunity and registered for the June 2022 intake.

During her Computer Literacy journey, Thuli continued working 5 days a week and attended classes every Saturday (4times a month). This proved difficult when family events were scheduled for that day or she needed to be there for her kids, especially her teenager. However, that did not deter her as she endured and even notes the outstanding support from her facilitator as he was always available to them. Very driven by the knowledge of computers and the idea of the opportunities it can afford you, Thuli intends on acquiring yet another qualification at Silulo. In 2023, she plans on registering for Computer Support.

Changing lives one qualification at a time, Silulo Ulutho Technologies.

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