Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s the month of love and we’re all running around trying to figure out what to get our partners and loved ones for this Valentine’s Day. Knowing what the panic is like we want to help.

First, we have to emphasize that you would know your partner better than anyone and thus should have a hint of what they wouldn’t appreciate. We have compiled a list of gift ideas we believe you would appreciate this Valentine’s.

Team shirt

If you have a sport loving partner, a team shirt of either their favorite soccer team or F1 team would be a great gift.


For the hopeless romantics who appreciate flowers and the gesture behind them, get them their favorite flowers or roses for Valentine’s                                                                                 

Framed photo

For the sentimental individuals, you should consider framing a photo that is of great significance to the both of you or maybe from your favorite outing.


If you know your partner appreciates and enjoys scents, then you should consider buying them their favorite perfume or one that you think they will enjoy.

Money deposit

One ultimate gift that will be appreciated is a random amount of money entering their bank account. This is because you thought of them and wanted to make their Valentine’s memorable

A short course

If your partner is interested in up-skilling you should consider gifting them with a short course that will improve their career opportunities. As career individuals we are constantly looking for room to grow and develop and a short course is great for that, consider a course from Silulo Ulutho which provides a variety of up-skilling course at reasonable prices.

A trip away

Lastly, take a trip away to your favorite destination or dream holiday and create memories for your relationship. A trip can include road trips to visit family or friends that live a bit far from you.

In conclusion, Valentines is a history rich holiday and as individuals we choose how we want to celebrate it. Whether it is sentimental gifts or gestures you know they would love, ours is to go out there and make our loved one happy as best as we can.

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