How to look for a job online

Dear Job Seeker

Are you constantly looking for Jobs Online? Job Seeking is a task that might leave you feeling drained and tired, but the key is to keep on sending those CVs, A door will eventually open. To assist in your Job Search Journey we have compiled a list where you can find jobs online :


Facebook groups are a great way to connect with people you share the same interests with, Job posts are usually posted on Job Seeker Groups, but first check if a Job Post is scam or Legit before you continue to apply for the Job.


There are Facebook Pages that are dedicated to Sharing job opportunities to Job Seekers, Such as salary magazine on Facebook. Go to your Facebook Search button and search for “Cashier Jobs ” or “Administrator Jobs or whatever job that you are looking for and pages that post job opportunities will come up. Once again, check if a job post is Legit before applying or going to an Interview.


The Twitter #Jobseekerza is a great place to find jobs in South Africa, Jobs are posted Frequently & in different industries and sectors.


Most Job Recruitment companies have a database where jobseekers can subscribe to, and new job posts wwilll sent directly to thier Inbox. Find these Job Seeker dabases and ensure that you subscribe so that you can be notified when a job opportunity that suits you becomes available.


Indeed is a website that was created for Job Listings. Employers can post jobs that future employees can search for. Indeed is a great space online to search for jobs, and you can also subscribe to the Indeed Job Seeker Newsletter where you can get job opportunities to your email address


Linkedin is one of the best places online to search for job opportunities, Linkedin has over 859 Millllion users and post thousands of job posts per day. If you do not have a Linkedin account yet, then head down to the nearest Silulo Store and we will assist you.


Pnet is a South African job recruitment platform that connects recruiters and job seekers. You will be able to search for different jobs within South Africa.

After getting all these job posts that you need to apply for, You’ll need proper Internet Access and a well designed CV. If you need any of these services head down to your nearest Silulo Store and we”ll gladly assist.

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