Meet our new CEO

We are excited to announce our new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Anold Mandizvidza, affectionately known as Mr. A he shares with us his story and answered a couple of business magazine style questions for us.

Born 4th of 5 children to two loving parents in Gweru, Midlands Province, Zimbabwe. Mr. A had a bright future ahead of him and his academic excellence from Primary School all the way to A-levels, was the tell-tale. Having lost his father in his early teens, Mr. A had to give up on his dream of being a Pilot because of financial reasons and help out with the family. He jokingly shared how one of his greatest challenges in the pursuit of a quality education was having to cycle over 21KM during his A-levels during the rainy season. He persevered and with great determination found himself in the University of Namibia for both his Bachelor’s and Honors in Accounting.

With over 10 years working experience in the finance industry, Mr. A joined Silulo Ulutho Technologies after working as the Group Senior Financial Accountant at Burger king. He initially joined us as the head of finance and shares that he hit the ground running and got straight into the role. Wonderful changes and developments have been made under his watch and he hopes to continue doing so. He shares that he left the inflexible Corporate industry and decide to join our black-owned and family business that works to eradicate the digital divide in our communities. He intends on using the number of years and expertise he gained working in corporate to come take Silulo Ulutho Technologies to bigger and better grounds.

Silulo Ulutho Technologies showed it’s potential when it withstood the elements of 2020 and none of the stores were closed, but continued operating. Mr A is dedicated to the empowerment of black communities, has a keen interest in addressing the communities’ needs as they come this can be seen in the new courses being offered and the matric for adults coming in at Silulo Ulutho Technologies. He also shares an interest in continuing to provide employment opportunities for our communities as we have continued to in the past 18 years. Mr. A also shares that he hopes to continue alleviating community pains like providing access to courier services that are designed to accommodate people in both Townships and rural areas as our current partnership with Pargo. Lastly, Mr A presents a selfless need for self-improvement through education.

Interview Questions and Answers

Q: Why Silulo Ulutho Technologies?

A: I am driven by the need to see black children live out their greatest dreams, regardless of their background and availability of resources. Silulo has done this for the past 18 years, and I want to be part of the change.

Q: What motivates you?

A: A quote, the devil finds work for idle hands. I believe in always being busy.

Q: What is your favourite quote, both personal and career?

A: For both, “Making a wrong decision is understandable. Refusing to search continually for learning is not.” ~Phil Crosby

Q: What advice would you give a young person trying to grow in their career?

A: Stay focused, keep pursuing what you aspire towards until you get it. Never mind the circumstances.

Q: What is always on your desk?

A: Multiple screens.

Q: What do you look for in an employee?

A: An individual willing and open to learning, that’s honest, hardworking and has healthy habits that promote a good working environment.

Q: Is a 4-day work week anywhere in the future for Silulo Ulutho Technologies?

A: We’re still working on the transformation to a 5-day week as stores are open Saturdays, we have introduced shift rotation, and therefore, the 4-day week is somewhere in the future.

Q: What is your take on working with young talent?

A: I am open to the challenge and nurture young talent while applying my experience to guide them.

Q: What does Mr. A do for fun?

A: Bungee-jumping, ziplining, kayaking, and go-karting.

We at Silulo Ulutho Technologies are excited about the future under Mr. A’s leadership. His dedication to empowering black communities and growth for both the company and the communities it serves. With his passion for education, commitment to hard work, and focus on developing young talent, its clear that the company is in good hands under his leadership.

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