Mfuleni, Cape Town Construction company aims at growing to greater heights with Silulo.

One of our devoted clients, SARG Construction Services sat down with us and shared their experience of using Silulo Ulutho Technologies.

Established October 2018 in Mfuleni, Cape Town with 40+ employees, SARG has been tackling key issues in the community from job opportunities to affordable infrastructure. Owner Khanyiso Hlahlana, 32 years old, shared how at the core of the company they wanted to take a different approach in construction at industrial, residential and commercial levels. As a qualified Civil Technologist, Khanyiso worked with big companies and grew a great deal in both title and capability. With a number of years under his belt in leadership positions in the industry that were both “scary and exciting”, he decided to venture off alone outside big companies.

SARG was started with the aim of providing outstanding working conditions for labourers, providing an affordable service for the working class and lastly, to provide graduates and the youth with work experience in the construction industry. SARG operates both in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

When asked about his discovery of Silulo Ulutho Technologies and our business services, Khanyiso shares that he was initially disappointed by the service of an internet café he used. He then took a while before remembering the company, he had heard of on Radio Zibonele and visited our store. What was meant to be a once-off visit turned into consistent and weekly visits to the store. He notes our staff’s welcoming nature and the convenience of Silulo Ulutho as a reason for his continued support.

With efficient queues, absolutely no discrimination and affordable prices both he and his company are here to stay! Impressed by the outstanding performance of Silulo, not only is he hinting at a future collaboration between both brands but, he also intends on acquiring our Business Administration qualification to better run his company.

“Dedicated to eradicating the digital divide in our communities” ~Silulo Ulutho Technologies.

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