Tips for surviving the festive season without your family

It’s the season to be merry but you are a working Harry or for some reason you couldn’t be with your family. We know what that is like and that is why we have compiled a list of tips on how to survive this season without your family.

Acknowledge the silver lining

For every bad occurrence there is usually an equal and good occurrence in return. Thus, not being with family this season has the upside of not spending huge amounts on tickets during the busy seasons, no long travelling hours and lastly, enjoying your own space.

Virtual connection

Just because you cannot physically be with your family does not mean you cannot communicate and bond with them virtually. The grace of social media allows you to connect with your loved ones who are miles away from where you are.

Less social media to avoid comparisons

As good as social media is, it is equally detrimental as it can be overwhelming. You might spend a lot of time constantly comparing yourself to your age mates and people you grew up with, disregarding how different everyone’s life journey is.


One of the most overused words of 2022, selfcare. However, you really need to dedicate time to you and your wellbeing. Be it a balanced diet/meal, bubble bath, skin care routine or even a lazy day in, your body and soul need it.

Treat yourself

We never hear enough of this but, believe it or not the small child in you still needs to be treated. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes, dinner date or even a marathon of your favorite show.

Plan for the coming year

A great way to distract yourself would be to plan for the coming year.  This can be in the form of vision boards, monthly goals, and even quarterly achievement journaling. This is also helps look back at the past year and all that you have achieved.

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