tips on How to survive the festive season,

These were compiled with Chief Financial Officer(CFO)

The festive season is here! All we are hearing is Ching Ching Ching! The culture of December is that of spending money and if you are not, then you aren’t enjoying it.

  • Plan: activities and expenses you will incur

Have a plan in mind, structure and budget on how much you intend on spending and on what in advance. This will help prepare you for the season and all those nasty unexpected costs.

  • Stick to the budget!

When you have set out a budget try sticking to it as strictly as you can. Unexpected leisure expenses this season are normal however, setting a budget helps you run the long race all the way to the end of January.

  • Minimize borrowing relatives and friends money

One financial trap this season is borrowing money to family members and friends, this can easily ruin the budget. Try not to become ‘moreki’ and you are likely to enjoy both December and January.

  • Beat the queues and shop early

To avoid last minute purchases that are also not budgeted for try shopping early to avoid the December queues. The long queues mean lunch while you wait, choosing pricier options when yours is unavailable and making more purchases you did not intend on.

  • Redeem points

Try accumulating points with your purchases and activities over the festive season as they come in handy during tough times. It’s the best way of having fun while considering your future self.

  • No credit card

Credit cards this season are a definite no! You can always use them during difficult months.

  • Be on the lookout for discounts

Strategically make discounted purchases during this season in preparation of January and its financial constraints. e.g registering at Silulo while we have a R400 off special .

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