Plan ahead

We’re all familiar with the saying “An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing”. If there is one thing to avoid this hectic week is being ill-prepared. Be prepared by planning outfits, food for both lunch and dinner, transport (fee/petrol) and even babysitting for kids. This will position you perfectly for unexpected hurdles and optimal performance.

Don’t start new things

Do not be overly eager to start the year running, gradually introduce your body to things and activities. Do not fall for the New Year’s resolution hype and find yourself at the gym on the same day you start work the body needs time to adjust and so do your muscles.

Set realistic expectations

Do not hit the ground running, do not tackle everything from all at once. You just returned and you’re less likely to hit all your targets. You cannot return to your daily afternoon classes yet, therefore list realistic tasks and goals as you return to normal.

Home lunches are a save

While December included feasting, January is a month of scarcity, therefore, prepare that skhafthin (Lunchbox) to get through the month. Unnecessary expenditure will place you off therefore, hold on to the idea of group sushi on Fridays.

Stay informed

In line with being prepared, you need to know what is happening around you to thoroughly plan. This includes your commute, outfit for the day and even sudden protests. Keep informed by keeping up with current affairs this includes weather, transport issues and international issues that may affect your day.

Tidy up

We all know the saying of starting on a new slate, this is not metaphorical. For optimal performance you need order and cleanliness as you tackle the new work week after a period of rest. To better prepare for the first weeks it is imperative to clean up from the house to the car and your desk.

Better sleep schedule

One of the greatest tips for the first week is to regulate your sleep schedule and ensure to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. This will allow optimal performance on your part with no shadow of holiday fatigue.

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